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Making Progress


I am aware of a gentle flowing of positive progress  [Julia Hubbs and Nora Monaco]



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This is one of my favourite affirmations, because it reminds me to take a moment to stop and notice the gentle progress I may have neglected in the daily rush of life.

 In the midst of thinking about the challenges ahead, I have realised that I've made ‘gentle progress’ in two areas that are important to me.


For nearly 2 years now, I have been carrying a MYSTERIOUS INJURY.

There was no ‘accident’, no moment of ‘breaking’ when I suddenly realised my left hamstring and knee had moved past a point of no return.

Instead, this injury crept over me, like the gentle flowing of progress in reverse. Decline, debilitation, gentle but pernicious nonetheless.

After a lifetime of dance, yoga and MOVEMENT, I was finding exercise uncomfortable, sitting uncomfortable, sometime even sleeping uncomfortable.

For the first time in my life, I felt: OLDER. I realised how a change in the body can spark a change in the mind – for WORSE as well as for BETTER.

‘Perhaps I won’t try and live to 104 after all,’ I found myself thinking. ‘Perhaps 85 is good enough really.’

I had shaved 19 years off my own imaginary timeline! This was serious.



Anyhow, the short story is, I have seen 4 physios, an osteopath and a ‘rolfer’.

Apparently I have very bendy joints but not much strength! So I have overhauled my exercise routine, quit yoga (for a while, to allow me to re-think my movements), joined the gym, taken up swimming, and am continuing with osteopathy and rolfing.

And I am feeling… much better. Stronger, less pain, YOUNGER again! Hurrah.



The second thing is a little different. From the body to... life!

Around Christmas/ New Year, I realised that, while there were many things in my life I was happy about, my daily routine was NOT making me happy.

I was spending a lot of time at home, alone, dealing with administrative tasks.

I resolved to get out more, socialise more and exercise more.

In addition, I let my TO DO LIST slide a bit.


To do list


It is still there, in the background, but I don’t run my day by it as I was doing for a while. And I feel much FREER as a result.

Freedom is one of my key values.

And I realised I feel HAPPIER. My daily routine is joyful to me now (most days!). Knowing myself, identifying my needs and changing my habits have all helped to make me happier.




Of course, there are some things I haven’t made progress on.

I haven’t managed to get the children into bed earlier and up earlier in the mornings…

I haven’t convinced myself to do a daily tidy to keep on top of our mess and thereby feel better about the state of our home


Maybe I’m not going to be ‘perfect’ ;-).

But the more times I tell myself,

“I am aware of a gentle flowing of positive progress”...

...the more I start to notice that I really am, in many different areas of my life.

It is easy to forget sometimes – do you agree? It is easy to stay stuck in the ‘problems’.

I remember when my daughter was about 2 and a ½, and my son was 5, saying to my husband: ‘This is it! We’ve slept through the night for a few nights in a row without being woken by the children!’ Days had slipped by before I had noticed the progress we had made.

It’s Easter, Spring (in this northern hemisphere where I write): a traditional time for renewed hope and second chances.


Can you feel that wind – blowing away the old to make way for the new?

What ‘gentle progresses’ can or would YOU like to celebrate?


Elizabeth x.

AKA The Writing Parent


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