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Back to School

Ooh, they were cross this morning.


Cross face


Like baby tigers.


One of them 'pushed me with her foot' as I was trying to help her dress. The other scowled all the way to school and shouted how unfair teachers are.

I couldn't help feeling that I was the messenger, being shot BAM BAM BAM.


It's not like I don't have reservations about this 100-year-old social experiment called school (despite my aim to become a teacher next year). It's not that I don't empathise with the fear of pressure, of public humiliation and social pain, that I don't equally dread the early starts, the homework and the teachers' succinct, critical notes: 'Please read more with your child', 'Please check your child's homework is properly done', 'Please pay your overdue lunch bills'.

But what are the alternatives?

I considered home-schooling, briefly, before I realised that HOME-schooling meant HOME for me as well, for a LONG time, and no income, nor any time to myself.


House pic

So back to school it was, with a sigh of relief, and gratitude.


I met an old friend for coffee after drop-off this morning. La-di-da. (Still a stay-at-home housewife for just a little bit longer, and intent on enjoying it...)

The kids had to stay all day at school and concentrate. They're still there, poor poppets.


Still, there's no need to KICK me.


How did you get on getting back to the Old Routine after the holidays?


Love, Elizabeth, aka The Writing Parent.






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It was all going so swimmingly for the first hour.. up early ... all civil over breakfast which had been laid out the previous night.... uniforms all laid out ready to get into... all joking and calm... until they were found fighting like my little lion cubs (my nickname when they fight) often do when they should have been getting dressed.... I know that it's downhill from here on and my shouting will increase despite my daily talk to myself not to. Home schooling not for me either but like you I also dread this time... our trouble making was last night when tensions over being thrown together with people who aren't always kind to us began to mount....

The Writing Parent

So many things to recognise here! ;-) The fighting, the shouting, the anxiety over 'friendships'. Eek.
Well, first day over at least! ;-)

Maybe worth taking some sort of sugary snack along to pick-up, I'm thinking...???

Thanks for commenting!

E. x


I love this. It's so true. I'm waiting for my 'pushing with her feet' tomorrow when Em goes back. The day before her birthday too. I am not popular xx

The Writing Parent

Good luck! Let us know how it goes :-).

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