Follow Your Own Advice, or Method in my Madness
Isolation comes with the motherhood territory

Inside the mind of...

[A mother comes into her child's room, where she is supposed to be clearing up her toys before bedtime, and finds her taking toys out to play with.]

Mother: What are you doing?!

Child: [Apologetically] I get easily distracted.

Mother: Yes, very easily distracted.

Child: It's the way I am, it's the way I DEVELOPED. I can't help it.

M: Well, that's a very good argument.

C: What's a 'argument'? Is it a reason for doing it?

M: Yes, that's exactly it.


  Playing not tidying


[Lying down on the child's bed together. Mother sighs.]

CHILD: [To mother] Why are you all... STRESSED?

Mother: It stresses me out that you never do what I ask you. Do you think you would get stressed if you were a mummy and your children didn't do what you asked them?

Child: I don't know, because I AM a mummy, but my children are all derry well behaved, so I don't know what it's like to have children who are badly behaved.


       Nice dolly children

Mother:  [Sighs again and kisses child's head.] Do you think it's a little bit funny to not do what people ask you? 

Child: [Her eyes gleam. She giggles, nods] It's DERRY funny. And it's derry funny to annoy [my big brother] and then he gets annoyed and hits me, and you say OH DEAR, and then he goes up to his room and he comes down and I say, it's ok, you don't have to say sorry, I forgive you. 






Mother: Do you like it when people give you attention?

Child: [nods] YES.

Mother: What do you like about it?

Child: It makes me feel IMPORTANT, and not LEFT OUT [makes a sad face].

Mother: How do you feel when you don't get attention?

Child: All [sad face] left out, and... and excluded. [Sad face again].


Mother: But you like going up to your room and shutting the door and playing by yourself. How do you feel when you do that?

Child: I like it, because I can SHOUT, and I can THINK, and I can PLAY.

Mother: What sort of girl do you want your teacher to think you are?

Child: A... a FUNNY girl, and a STRANGE girl. I am a derry funny girl. I have a funny brain - funny THINKING.







Child: Ask me more questions. I'm good at answering questions.






Have a great week -

Elizabeth, aka The Writing Parent





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This is GORGEOUS! I think you need to teach her the word "whimsical", and perhaps she could write a diary record of her whimsical childhood...

The Writing Parent

Whimsical is a great word, indeed! And very appropriate ;-).

I'm trying to encourage her to write stories about her imaginative world called 'Skoland'. I reckon it could be an interesting place!

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