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Creativity and touch - in pictures :)

My friend Laura sent me some photos of the wedding quilt I made her and her husband back in October. Here is the quilt in situ - very pleasing to see!


Laura's quilt on bed



The memo, which Laura and her then-fiancé (now husband!) chose, was soft greys, white and duck egg blues. It was a labour of love and, as with all labours of love, I learned things I didn't expect to learn doing it - like about how I respond to expectations from the outside world and from myself, how long it takes to make a bed-size quilt (normally I make one leisurely over the course of several months or a year), how there are some types of work that take as long as they take and can't be rushed...

It was a thrilling moment though to hand it over to them on their beautiful wedding day. Well worth it!

When I wrote to Laura after her wedding and commented on her new married name, she said something I thought was very cool: she said it was like acquiring a 'superhero identity'.

This made me think of a project another friend did with her kids, to design their own superhero capes. My kids and I went out and chose some plain fabric in our preferred colours and a fabric pen, but haven't got any further than that yet. Perhaps it's a holiday project... I will show the finished results when they are finally done ;-).


And my very talented photographer friend, Ingrid, took some lovely photos of us (well, I think so! ;-)) while we were visiting recently in Switzerland. I thought these images spoke nicely to the subject of touch and its importance that I blogged about two weeks ago.

 So many types of touch - hugs, kisses, massage, pats and strokes, rough-housing... Something for everyone?!











Wishing you pats, strokes and creativity as the nights grow cold and dark,

Elizabeth, aka The Writing Parent



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I think I'm going to invent myself a superhero identity! Very occasionally, when the vibe is right, I manage to spend a few hours storming through work and chores, and it gives me a real buzz... Perhaps this is my superhero self, and perhaps it is always hanging around waiting to dive in and rescue the situation, if I could just bring myself to give her a chance? I quite like magical imaginings like that, and I suspect it might help kids too - inventing an alter ego who can do anything he sets his mind to? Just unleash the POWER!!! :-) I'm going to try it out! By the way once you've made your superhero capes, try taking some fun pictures of your kids like this (they could create the backgrounds themselves):

The Writing Parent

Awesome superhero picture - thanks for sending!! I will see if we can try that at home.

Yes, it's a great way to think - having a superhero alter ego! I feel mine come out too when I'm under pressure ;-). Good to know she's there, and, as you say, good for the kids to feel they have one too.

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